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Red’s Auto is ready to Finance your next Vehicle!

What we offer:  

Vehicle Financing

  • Tailored payments to fit your budget. 
  • Fast credit approvals with competitive interest rates.
  • Download and print our INDIVIDUAL credit application HERE!
  • Download and print our JOINT (co-signer) credit application HERE!
  • Bring it in with you when you come to the dealership.
  • OR you can PREQUALIFY or APPLY before you come to the dealership

Remember to ask your Finance Manager about the following important coverages:

Extended Service Plans    

Unexpected major repair bills can seriously impact your pocketbook.  Our consumer protection service contract program is backed by an “A” rated insurance company and uniquely designed to ensure you financial and automotive peace of mind. 

  • $0 Deductible Option
  • Day One Coverage
  • Repair Facilities Paid Directly

Credit Insurance 

If you should die or become disabled, the financial commitment you made on your loan still remains.  Unfortunately, many families in this situation have no choice but to:  deplete their savings, fall behind on their loan payments, damage their credit rating, or lose property due to repossession.

  • Health and Disability Coverage.   Insurance pays benefits when you are totally disabled due to a covered illness or injury.  Hospitalization is not required and your loan will continue to be paid until your doctor releases you from total disability or you return to work.
  • Life Coverage.   If you die while you are insured, the insurance company will pay off the unpaid balance on your loan.
  • Learn more here!

GAP Protection

GAP will insure one for the difference between what one would owe on a vehicle and what an insurance company says it is worth. Without GAP, should your vehicle be totaled or stolen and not recovered, you will be out of pocket for this difference plus your insurance deductible. With GAP these costs will be covered. Learn more here!