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Car Rental Policies

Welcome to Red’s Rental Cars. In order to provide you with a no hassle rental experience we list our policies for your information. 

 Rental Policy:

We rent by the day, week or month.  Please check in the vehicle details.

 All renters must be over the age of 21, have a valid drivers license, valid major credit card, and have full coverage insurance.


 Cancellation Policy:

$25 charge if cancellation occurs within 24 hours of rental date.

 Gas Policy:

Vehicles are delivered with full gas tanks. Please fill the gas tank before returning the vehicle. Should we have to top up the gas tank, the price of gas plus a $20 surcharge will be charged.

Smoking Policy:

Smoking is not allowed in the rental vehicle.  There will be a $100 fee charged for smoking in a rental vehicle.

Lost Key Policy:

If a key is lost or damaged there will be a $300 key replacement fee charged.

Parking Ticket/ Unpaid Toll Policy:

If you receive a parking ticket or don’t pay a toll, you will be charged the cost of the ticket or toll plus a $25 fee.

Clean-up Policy:

If the vehicle requires more than a quick vacuum and wash when returned, there will be a $25/hour clean-up fee.

Pet Policy:

In an effort to keep our cars allergy free, we will charge $100 for any pet related clean-ups.  

Rental Form
I acknowledge that this form does not imply that this rental request is confirmed. My rental request will be confirmed by phone, and I will be required to provide a valid credit card number in order to confirm the rental.