Car Rental Policies

Welcome to Red’s Rental Cars. In order to provide you with a no hassle rental experience we list our policies for your information. 

Vehicle descriptions, rates and mileage policies are listed in the frame on the right.

 Rental Policy:

We rent by the day, week or month. Special weekly and monthly rates may apply to certain vehicles. Please check in the vehicle details.

Where weekly and monthly special rates are not available, rental charges are calculated on the number of days in the rental period.

 All renters must be over the age of 21, have a valid drivers license, valid major credit card, and have full coverage insurance.


 Cancellation Policy:

$25 charge if cancellation occurs within 24 hours of rental date.

 Gas Policy:

Vehicles are delivered with full gas tanks. Please fill the gas tank before returning the vehicle. Should we have to top up the gas tank, the price of gas plus a $20 surcharge will be charged.

Smoking Policy:

Smoking is not allowed in the rental vehicle.  There will be a $100 fee charged for smoking in a rental vehicle.

Lost Key Policy:

If a key is lost or damaged there will be a $300 key replacement fee charged.

Parking Ticket/ Unpaid Toll Policy:

If you receive a parking ticket or don't pay a toll, you will be charged the cost of the ticket or toll plus a $25 fee.

Clean-up Policy:

If the vehicle requires more than a quick vacuum and wash when returned, there will be a $25/hour clean-up fee.

Pet Policy:

In an effort to keep our cars allergy free, we will charge $100 for any pet related clean-ups.